MTNS Release New EP ‘Like A Stone’ | Music News

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MTNS Release New EP ‘Like A Stone’ | Music News


The electronic group MTNS based in Brisbane, Australia have dropped off their full EP Like A Stone today.


Composed of four tracks, from which “Slow Motion” and “Waves” have already become two fan favourites, with over 17,000 SoundCloud plays, the band are showing all their warm indie/electro-pop sounds on this record.


These songs reflect the joining of our histories and differences. Through the process of building this EP we’ve learned a lot about collaboration in music and experienced first-hand its power to bring people together“, MTNS have declared.


This brand new project was recorded in LA together with their good friends. Indeed listening to their lyrics, they are talking about family, friends and faith. Their period in California was a strong experience that they considered really inspiring for the release of their new EP


The Australian crew also added, “A big part of our new development was experimenting with sounds and attempting to bring the ‘live, natural and band feel’ to the electronic scene. Our first songs were all based 100% on the computer, so it was great to get out of the box and manipulate natural elements by blending them with the electronic sounds“.


The two additional tracks “Like A Stone” and “Aes Sedai” indeed, complete their goal to make a cohesive pop-electronic vibe. “Our hope is that anyone listening to our music will feel inspired to create and connect in the same way we have“.


Listen to it here:




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