MTV Returning To Music Programming, First With ‘MTV Unplugged’ | Music News



The recent death of Prince shocked everyone from passive music listener to long life fan. Even multinational companies joined the tributes. Many buildings were shrouded in purple light in his memory, referencing his hit “Purple Rain”. Others like Google Music turned purple too, despite not playing any Prince music after the star pulled his records from all streaming services in summer of last year.


Perhaps most fittingly, MTV dropped their modern reality shows in favour of playing Prince music, videos, films and interviews. They did so a mere 20 mins after his death was confirmed,on Thursday, until early on Friday morning. Thankfully this wasn’t just a one-off as the station plans to move away from shows like Catfish and Teen Mom, instead moving back to music by reviving 90s hit MTV Unplugged.


The music show is one of the most iconic and its return comes at a time when shows like The Voice and Lip Sync Battle are thriving. This is perhaps why even award shows like The Grammys have turned into concert spectaculars that run for such long hours that the awards are almost forgotten about. Let’s hope MTV Unplugged will be a success and help the programme compete and return to its former heyday, especially as this venture was announced on a day when a great music legend passed away.



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