Multiple ‘Joker’ Films Could Elevate DC Films And Help Compete With The MCU | Film News


American film-maker, actor and comic book writer Kevin Smith gives his views on DC’s bold move to release multiple Joker films simultaneously. This news has brought as usual, a variety of opinions. Some positive and some negative.


Many hardcore fans of the Joker are thrilled as it means more screen time for the popular villain. With stand alone films based on his character, it allows different variations of the Joker to be portrayed without the restriction of fitting into a continuous story line.


It is also gives fans the opportunity to see a Joker which they prefer as opposed to seeing a singular choice made by a director, one which would have to be continued to a the concept of shared universe storytelling.



This of course differs from the MCU where shared universe storytelling is at its core. It is fair to say the MCU have figured out a perfect recipe for their films… and it works. With DC throwing ideas of multiple stand alone Joker films, fans are worried that this may in fact be a recipe for disaster. It illustrates DC’s unclear vision of their film universe and their hasty ideas and decision making just to try compete with the MCU in some way.


With the upcoming origin Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix, DC have also been discussing the possibility of released 6 films portraying the Joker. Could this possibly compete with the MCU?



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