Mumford And Sons – Blind Leading The Blind | New Music

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Mumford And Sons – Blind Leading The Blind | New Music


British rock band, Mumford & Sons, have demostrated that they are still under the limelight with the release of their new single “Blind Leading The Blind”. This is their first musical material since the launch of their last album Delta, in 2018.


Ten years from their first studio album, the band still have the strength to rethink its music and sounds, and this just released song is the proof. The sounds of electric guitar and banjo are mixed together in a new and eclectic flow. The instruments used evocate a new music interweaved with the old times sounds of the rock band.


As the frontman Marcus Mumford has revealed about the track, they have been working hard on it, while they were occupied with the other album Delta. This parallel work explains the similar sounds of both the album and the single. Moreover, he said: “We’re proud that we’ve finally finished it, as it feels like one of the most challenging songs, thematically, that we’ve put out there, both for ourselves and our audience”.


As they explained, the song alludes to the 2017 Grenfell Tower tragedy, as well as the band’s philanthropic efforts to support War Child U.K. and Children in Conflict U.S, and their collective formation of the Gentlemen of the Road fund in 2016 that donates “to charities fighting for social justice and common good around the world”.


Listen the new song below:




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