Munkey Junkey – Cut Me Off | New Music


Following the warm reception from previous single “Look Out Below”, electronic artist and producer Munkey Junkey returns with the release of his latest single “Cut Me Off”.


This new single is earmarked by swaying electric guitars melting into punchy dynamic production, “Cut Me Off” is emboldened electronica and deep, punchy synths, complimented with low-lying acoustic guitars which add contrast and a delicate touch.


Carrying on with themes of letting go, Munkey Junkey laments over a relationship that has gone downhill. “Cut Me Off” is an anthem for relieving yourself of things that are a hindrance. Written and recorded by Munkey Junkey himself, the tactful song writing and straight to the point phrasing is undeniably powerful.


Being of both Indian and English descent but growing up between New York and Abu Dhabi, Munkey Junkey’s nomadic life story has birthed his creativity, exposing him to a vast world of soundscapes and influencing his hand musically.


The eclectic artist is making music on his own terms and as he builds his catalogue, he marks out a lane for himself that is destined to take him places in his journey.




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