Murlo – Jasmine EP | New Music


London based producer Murlo, known for his dreamy interpretations of grime, has created his most R&B influenced record to date. Jasmine is the first in a series of EPs he’s producing for Mixpak Records. Made of only two tracks, the record is Murlo’s first fully original vocal release. Dublin singer Gemma Dunleavy featuring throughout the EP and her lyrics merge perfectly within the misty grime producer’s unique melodies.


The EP’s title track is a chilling pop song combining piano, vocals and Murlo’s bouncing sythns. Whilst “Deep Breath” shows a grimy side to the EP through heavy bass pops along side the signature handclaps and pan flutey trickles. Dunleavy’s vocals are cut and spliced perfectly to compliment the track’s jolting melody. Jasmine is a follow up to Murlo’s innovative Into Mist EP and is set for official release on February 10. Jasmine is available to stream below via Mixpak.




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