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Veteran American musician Prince aka ‘The Love Symbol‘ has announced his return to the music fold following a five-year hiatus by confirming that albums Art Official Age, and Plectrumelectrum will be available for digital download and hard copy from the 30th of September 2014.


Rolling Stone magazine recently described Art Official Age as “Classic Prince” while Warner Records described the new solo record as “a contemporary concoction of Soul, R&B and Funk”. Plectrumelectrum features Prince collaborating with his all-female Funk group 3rdEyeGirl. The flamboyant frontman exclaims, “no one can play like this band. People are going to try, but they won’t be able to”.


It is a remarkable turn of events that Prince has rejoined Warner Bros twenty years after a row that saw him leave the label. The row subsequently led Prince to famously appear in public with the word ‘slave’ written on his cheek, referring to the label’s control over his discography. The tracklist for both the Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum albums can be found below. To get a sneak preview of what to expect from the new albums, the track “Breakfast Can Wait” is available for streaming and will be the first release from Art Official Age.



Art Official Age:


1. “Art Official Cage”

2. “Clouds”

3. “Breakdown”

4. “The Gold Standard”

5. “U Know”

6. “Breakfast Can Wait”

7. “This Could Be Us”

8. “What It Feels Like”

9. “Affirmation I & II”

10. “Way Back Home”

11. “Funknroll”

12. “Time”

13. “Affirmation III”




1. “Wow”

2. “Pretzel Body Logic”

3. “Ain’t Turnin’ Round”

4. “Plectrumelectrum”

5. “White Caps”

6. “Fix Ur Life Up”

7. “Boy Trouble”

8. “Stop This Train”

9. “Another Love”

10. “Tic Tac Toe”

11. “Marz”

12. “Funk ‘N’ Roll”



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