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One year after the release of their first single “For Your Health”, post-punk band Torpid is back with a new single, “My December”. The four-piece band from Brisbane consists of singer and songwriter Elijah, guitarist Bud, bassist Lenny and drummer Gene.


The origins of this group come from 4 good friends who were fed up with the banality of life and routine. They gradually decided to get together after work to make music with each other and get away from this monotonous life.


A year later, they released their first single “For Your Health”. After this single, they remained silent for another year. Their singer left the band due to mental health problems at the end of 2019. So Elijah wrote and reunited the band for their last single “My December”. This single takes its inspiration from bands like The Killers and Joy Division. 


According to Clunk Magazine,“If Torpid can maintain this level of output they could very quickly be turning heads and creating new fans with every show and release they made. Well worth your time”, and Left Bank Magazine says of them “I can’t wait to hear more Torpid. You’ll know what I’m talking about as soon as you listen”.


Listen to “My December” here:




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