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Mystery Jets Announce New Album | Music News



After a couple of years of songwriting and recording in their own studio, indie legends Mystery Jets have been carefully taking their time perfecting their material. And now finally, these demo tracks are being sent of to be mixed and ordered into their upcoming album, set to be released on January 22.


Frontman Blaine Harrison claims “It’s quite early doors to maybe say what the record sounds like, but what I would say is that a year ago we thought that we were making a completely different record. The tracklisting was completely different and the majority of the songs that were on that record haven’t ended up on this album, so we’ve kind of made two albums”.


He continues to state: “There are some moments on there for people who love our big choruses – there are some big choruses on there. There’s also some of the things that got us into forming a band in the first place – not necessarily our prog roots showing through but there are definitely some wig-outs”.


Despite not giving away too much on the adaption to their sound, we know for certain their fifth LP will be entitled Curve Of The Earth and they will be kicking off their next chapter with a special London Launch show at London’s ICA on the November 10.


Click below to watch the trailer for their upcoming album:




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