Naama Guggenheim Unveils Brand New Single ‘Dilemma’ | Music News


Singer and songwriter Naama Guggenheim has just released her newest single “Dilemma”, bringing out an authentic perception to the alternative and electronic R&B genre.


Travelling and touring from a young age, Naama was born and raised between Tel Aviv, Bern and Cleveland, making her internationally hugged to three different continents. She has been a true musician from an early age, experiencing every genre possible, from electro-pop to gospel.


After looking for the right sound, she has found her own style in a combination between a deep soulful old school-esque voice, catchy melodies and honest lyrics followed by a mellow electronic beat, ultimately creating a music that is a true map of the heart.


Dilemma” is a sincere song about the challenges of a new relationship. The artist wrote it through a two years relationship, depicting the story of an on-going inner debate everyone could identify with: you always have that dilemma if you are good enough for each other.


Combining R&B, psychedelic rock and jazz influences, “Dilemma” is an intense piece of electronic-soul music that grabs the listener, introducing the unique sound of a 12 girls’ choir.


With “Dilemma”, Naama Guggenheim aims to deliver the message that “a broken heart is an open heart”, leaving no choice but to give in to our inner voices.


Listen to it here:




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