LA-based alternative pop artist Nadia Vaeh has just released a brand new holiday single titled “Holidazed & Confused”, which is produced by Dion Shaw and Tyler Spratt, led by a strong energetic production, lush pop vocals and layered harmonies, and is far removed from the usual Christmas music on the radio around this time.


The track comes with dark-wave sensibilities, and emotive and reflective lyrics, while injecting traditional Christmas music elements like sleigh bell sounds and single piano notes. Thematically, the track sees Nadia wax introspectively about missing someone who is not around anymore, with the LA artist offering a song that expresses feelings of grief during the holiday season.


According to Nadia, “It can be a really difficult time of year. Amidst the stillness, it can bring reminders that some of those loved ones are no longer with us in the physical realm. I wrote this song with my mom in mind. She was a little light force year-round and brought joy to so many. Her presence is always missed, but especially around this time of year when I have more time to reminisce“.


This is one of Nadia Vaeh’s most personal songs yet, and it seems the Atlanta native wants us to remember that the holidays can be a wonderful time of the year, but also reflect on how the season is also a time to reminisce about our lost loved ones.


Listen to “Holidazed & Confused” below:




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