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On September 25, Swedish singer-songwriter Nano unveiled his new track, “Perfect Melody” and its accompanying visuals. The track follows Nano’s debut single “Lion” and features production credits from William “Nasty Kutt” Wiik, who has previously worked with such names as Nico & Vinz, Jessie J, Madcon and Method Man & Redman. Nano has a full length album planned for release in 2016.


The video for “Perfect Melody” is a poignant autobiographical retelling of a stage in Nano’s childhood when he entered foster care. Although he faced many hardships in his younger years, he still managed to hone his musical skills on a synthesizer his mother bought him as a gift when she visited his foster home. Nano began to record melodies that he made on the instrument onto cassette in his room; an important step towards the career that he is now forging. The skills that he was developing in this moment would also be his savior: it was through music that he was to escape the dangerous life of crime, drugs and prison time that he was becoming entrenched in as an adult.


In a press release, Nano has stated that  “the song “Perfect Melody” means a lot to me. It describes what music means to me. Music has helped me through tough times, and the song is a way to describe what it has done and continues to do for me. The perfect melody makes me feel alive. Music has always been my best friend”.


Check out the video below and purchase “Perfect Melody” here.




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