Naomie Harris Says Barry Jenkins Considering A Moneypenny Bond Spinoff | Film News


Despite the massive success of the James Bond franchise, it’s never engaged in spinoffs or anything of the sort. Considering the modern movie climate, that’s pretty surprising. But it’s possible that’s about to change.


During a discussion with Coming Soon regarding the upcoming cop drama Black And Blue, Bond star Naomie Harris mentioned that Moonlight director Barry Jenkins is trying to get a standalone Moneypenny film off the ground.


Harris revealed that she’d at least got Bond producer Barbara Broccoli listening about a potential spinoff, but that it’s Jenkins’ idea: “He’s wanted to do a bad ass, kick-ass kind of action thing with Moneypenny which I’m all for actually […] The conversation has started at least and we’re continuing it here so who knows”.


When you say it out loud, this all makes sense. The treatment of women in the 007 franchise has long been problematic. What better way to help rehabilitate that image than a Moneypenny-centric spinoff? After all, Harris’ incarnation of the character finally gave her a first name – Eve – and developed her from a desk clerk into a field agent and genuine ally to Bond.


Harris began playing the character in Skyfall and is set to reprise it in the upcoming No Time To Die. Cary Fukunaga is directing. This isn’t the only major franchise Harris is potentially help expand though – just last week it was reported that she was in the mix for a villainess role in Venom 2.


“I’m in discussions at the moment, because I love the franchise, and I worked with Andy Serkis before, twice now, and Woody Harrelson at the very start of my career”, Harris said. “I love those guys, and I’d love to work with them, but let’s see what happens”.



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