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Napster Returns | Music News



Ah, do you remember the glory days when each downloaded track came with a virus clinging on to it which would lead to the demise of your computer? Good times. Well the program which spearheaded that experience is coming back, but with a different skin altogether. Following the modernised norms of circulating music, Napster has returned as a streaming and offline playback service.


After experiencing troubles with copyright infringement laws back in the early 2000s, Napster had no choice but to shut down. Only then to make poor comeback in 2011, when Rhapsody bought the company and established it as an online music store. Now as a legitimate business, hopefully they will go much further than their track record suggest they will get.


The service will provide access to around 35 million songs and will be available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web, Sonos and Chromecast platforms. The only problem is they will not be catering to a global audience, as only Canadians will be able to experience this new program. Napster CFO Ethan Rudin claims: “It was important to us that we enter Canada with a personalized music experience that has a complete catalog of local, national and international artists“.


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