‘Narcos’ Season 1 – Did I Hear You Say Cocaine? | TV Review



There was a man in the news recently, who mid-live interview was asked what he’d do with the $1 billion jackpot lottery. To which he replied “Cocaine and Hookers” and I think that about adequately sums this TV series up. Nope, I literally have no need to go on, you know the entire series now, so it would be silly of me to continue further.


Oh crap, I have a word quota to fulfill. Ahem, I wonder if I can get away with repeating the word cocaine over and over again. Nah, probably not. There is more writing and ramblings to come. Maybe more cocaine than ramblings if I’m honest. There was so much cocaine in this, it actually rivalled Wolf of Wall Street, and we all know that’s saying something. Not so much prostitution though.


Besides the cocaine, Narcos is the Gritty tell tale story of Pablo Escobar and the events leading up to his capture. Actually just going to take a pause right here and put Pablo Escobar on my ‘I will not insult’ list (along with Danny Trejo).


You see even though he is dead now, he held so much power over so many people. That’s something you don’t want to take for granted. And Narcos perfectly captures that, he nearly becomes president of Columbia, he nearly kills the president of Columbia and most importantly he was the richest man on earth. On top of this, the story makes you care for the protagonist and the antagonist, because of this you feel worried the whole time. Who will go next.


The series also tells you in a great amount of detail about the production and smuggling of cocaine into the United States, which may get some Netflix production company in trouble if a batch of cocaine comes out very similar to those in Narcos. But still, I digress.


The screen-writing is fantastic, all of the information and research that has gone into this series projects into one superb mix of drama and action. I believe it is one the best written series to be produced in this century. So when you compare it to GoT, The Walking Dead, 24 and Breaking Bad. You know its going to be great.


The Cinematography is also a work of art and you are never taken away from the action by dodgy camera angles. Not only this but what makes the series so perfect, is its stars are so unknown it adds to the story.


I never knew half of these people existed until their perfect acting appeared on screen. They immerse you in this world of corruption…. and cocaine, leaving you on the edge of your seat after every episode. I watched this series in two days, it’s that good.


And for those of you who have been keeping count. Yes, I said the word cocaine 10 times. Like I mentioned at the start, there is a lot of it in Narcos. If you don’t believe me, go and see it for yourself. Thank me later.



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