‘Narcos’ Writers Hired To Pen ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot | Film News


Whether Charlie’s Angels is still a viable property is up for debate, after the two mid-2000s films failed to capture much interest and the rebooted 2011 TV show becoming a complete bust, but it’s practically gospel now that any property with name value is something Hollywood is interested in rebooting and/or remaking in the hope that a multi-million dollar connected universe can spawn from it.


Will that happen with the latest incarnation of Charlie’s Angels? Probably not, but at least signs are pointing in good directions. After hiring Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect) to direct – a great choice – writers Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard have been brought on board to rewrite the film.


The duo are the writers and producers of acclaimed Netflix series Narcos. Now whether that means the Angels are about to appear in a gritty reboot centred around drug smuggling is possibly a little far fetched but you never know.


The best bet would probably be to make something ultra fun yet just self-aware enough, since irony and postmodernism seem to be the key to coolness and box office success right now.


Alongside this hire, the film has also set a new release date: June 7, 2019. Now it just becomes a matter of time until casting details are revealed, and if the nail those, who knows, perhaps this will have a tinge of excitement attached to it.



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