Nas – Cops Shot The Kid | Music Video


Rap legend Nas has returned with a brand new music video for his hit single “Cops Shot The Kid”. The visual is a powerful one and contains a strong message.


“Cops Shot The Kid” was produced by Kanye West who also features in the track. However, West does not make an appearance in the music video, but Slick Rick does.


The song deals with police brutality and racial discrimination young people experience on a daily in the US. The music video translates these themes brilliantly.


The visual contains multiple clips of violence, rioting and chaos across the city, specifically towards young men of colour. They are targeted by the police due to racial prejudice and are held at gunpoint. Moreover, there is a narrative to be heard during these events, documenting the injustice a young man of colour experiences on a day-to-day basis.



It is a powerful video and the brutal raw footage emphasises the authenticity of the song’s message even more. The audience is left with many thoughts and emotions, but most importantly they are left enlightened and devastated about the truth.


“Cops Shot The Kid” belongs to Nas’ 11th studio album Nasir which was released about six months ago. The rap artist is widely known for his diverse content. One of his greatest projects is the 1994 Illmatic which is marked “incredibly influential” to this day. And Nas continues challenge listeners with his thought-provoking content.


Nas is currently working on a forthcoming project. Moreover, on June 2, he will headline the 2019 Governors Ball Music Festival in New York.



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