Nasty Mars & The Martians Confirm Their Unicity With New Single ‘Beach House’ | Music News


Melbourne based artists Nasty Mars & The Martians have recently affirmed the unicity of their music with the release of their latest single “Beach House”. Their musical travel began a few years ago with Nasty Mars: at the age of 19 he was trying as much as possible to tap his inspiration into Soul, RnB, poetry and contemporary art to create his own sounds.


Furthermore, he enriched his music in 2016, when he started to collaborate with his colleague The Martians, giving birth to the band that is known now. Their first musical work didn’t take long to come and in 2017, they launched “Soul Island”, their debut single, but they began to leave a decisive mark on the Melbourne music scene only with the single “Chanel”.


Frizzy guitars and relaxing piano tabs are the main ingredients of the band, who are able to reach a dreamy atmosphere beaten by the soul vibes of a saxophone that sings alone in the refrain. The rhythmic drums articulate this irresistible flow of instruments, while Nasty Mars’ voice sings softly, gradually becoming part of the mixed instruments.


It is not common to meet this innovative versatility from such a young group of artists, it seems like they are rewriting the rules of R&B and Blues. Their moody sounds speak with the soothing vocals experimenting a new musical reality that will definitely expand the musical panorama.


Listen to the single below:




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