Natalie Portman Joins Jude Law For Music Drama ‘Vox Lux’ | Film News


Natalie Portman has been cast to play the lead in music-related drama Vox Lux, joining the previously announced Jude Law and replacing Rooney Mara, who was originally cast in the lead role but dropped out to pursue other projects.


The film, to be co-produced by Bold Films and Andrew Lauren Productions, will be directed by Brady Corbet (The Childhood Of A Leader) and will follow Celeste, who rises from the ashes of a major national tragedy to reach pop superstardom.


The film is set to be a 15-year odyssey, set between 1999 and the present day, that will track the important cultural evolution of the 21st century through Celeste’s eyes. The soundtrack for the film will feature original songs from the enigmatic Sia, with the start of principal photography set for Thursday, February 1 in New York City.


Bold Films chairman Michael Litvak gave a statement saying: “We are thrilled to welcome such a stellar actress as Natalie to the cast”, while ALP principal Andrew Lauren added high praise for Corbet’s vision:


“I was mesmerised by the scope and vision of Brady’s first film. I don’t think Brady is of this century. His work is more reminiscent of a Sergei Eisenstein or Fritz Lang. When you sit with him, his encyclopaedic knowledge of film is intimidating and his passion is infectious”.


While details regarding the film remain relatively vague, it certainly sounds intriguing, and looks to be another interesting project Portman has taken up, another of which, Alex Garland‘s Annihilation, hits US cinemas Friday, February 22, before arriving on Netflix internationally a few weeks after that.



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