Nay Luma Releases New Electro Pop Track ‘Breakthrough’ | Music News


Nay Luma is a pop EDM singer from Detroit Michigan, who has just dropped a new song “Breakthrough” featuring Lewis Hensley.


Backed by a blend of electronic beats and pop vocals, the track almost instantly reminds me of good memories – we can hear drums, an electric guitar, beautiful lyrics and melodies. She says the song is about living in the present moment and taking what you want, one at that time.


I think this single is absolutely perfect for a festival or a beach day this summer, because it makes you want to dance or jump, the singer with so much passion and emotion that is possible to hear it on her voice.


The talented artist has been exploring the modelling industry for the past six years, however it was not enough for her and she wanted to expand her ideas. Later on, Nay Luma met with Lady Gaga’s producer Red One, which made her really enjoy the music world and just like that, she left Detroit with a purpose for music.


When speaking about her journey, she says “It’s always been a passion of mine, but it wasn’t until then that I realized it was my true calling. I do hope I will eventually work on track with him”.


Listen to her new track “Breakthrough” below.




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