Naya Ali – Out The Dirt | Music Video


Ethiopian born Montreal Hip Hop artist Naya Ali is one to keep an eye on this year. Having burst onto the scene last year, with her debut single “Ra Ra“, which was championed by VICE, Spotify and others, Naya Ali is back picking up right where she left off, with her exciting brand new single titled “Out The Dirt“.


Co-produced by Kevin Dave and burgeoning Canadian musician Nomis, it is a gritty pure rap track, which sees Naya Ali in flying form, as she raps about not only trusting the process, but falling in love with it, and fully committing herself to Hip Hop music.


Collaborating with Juno Award-nominated Fatty Soprano and Shutter, the visuals for “Out The Dirt”, deliver a creative and imaginative 90’s cinema inspired visual chef-d’oeuvre, held together by clever POV shots and an unexpected story arch. The visuals tell their own story of the lengths Naya will go, and the sacrifices she will make for her music, but also tie in seamlessly, with the record’s gritty and masterful artistry.


“Water can cut through rock if persistent. You ain’t got no choice but to be persistent, there is no magic formula, there isn’t one single path, and definitely no one is going to come and save you.” Naya explains on her inspiration for her latest piece. “You have to believe in your God given gifts and make the choice to invest in them every day until potential becomes excellence.”



If you like artists that push boundaries, Naya Ali comes with an exciting flow, depth and delivery, which promises to bring the much needed versatility that is required in Hip Hop music this year. Naya is hard at work on her forthcoming debut EP Higher Self, which is due to be released this summer.



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