Nessly + Lil Yachty – Guacamole | New Music

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Nessly + Lil Yachty – Guacamole | New Music

Nessly Lil Yachty


Though his sound and style isn’t for everyone, there is no denying that Lil Yachty isn’t lacking in work ethic in music. The rapper and singer from Atlanta has been crushing the music scene in the last year with “Broccoli” and his recent collaboration with Macklemore on “Marmalade”.


Nessly enlisted Yachty for the food named track “Guacamole” after Yachty heard the track and found an appreciation for the beat. Nessly actually wrote the track a while back and Yachty was not originally set to be on the track.


“Guacamole” features more money metaphors than should be in a single track. Both Nessly and Yachty remind us that they have more money than we could even dream about. Both rappers produced solid performances with notable lyrics. Yachty takes the cake with with the lyric “none of my b***hes is bony, nipples look like pepperoni“.


Recently Nessly signed with Republic Records and is moving up the ladder towards main-stream recognition. “Guacamole” is not his label debut but it is a great start to where he’s headed.




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