Netflix has picked up a spec script for a sci-fi film titled Endurance in a six-figure deal. Dalton Leeb, a commercials actor, and Nicholas Jacobson-Larson, a composer and conductor who is currently on tour with Michael Bublé, have made their first script sale, and the streaming giant have acquired the screenplay for Simon Kinberg to produce, marking his first feature deal since exiting his contract at Fox.


Considering the price tag, the package unsurprisingly garnered multiple bids from various sources, resulting in a massive payday for the nascent writers. Leeb and Jacobson-Larson have been writing together for a while though. Their script Strong Man previously landed on the 2017 Black List, but this is their first sale.


Plot details on the script are being kept under wraps, but reportedly it’s an original concept focusing on a female lead. It also has “franchise potential”, which is almost certainly why a bidding war took place.


Kinberg, the writer-producer behind the X-Men franchise and The Martian, has taken the writing duo under his wing and helped perfect the script. It’s unclear right now if he’ll also direct the project. He’s currently working on his follow-up to Dark Phoenix, a spy thriller titled 355. It stars Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o and Penélope Cruz, and hits cinemas in January 2021.



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