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The third installment of Netflix’s A Christmas Prince was announced on Monday with some exciting news. A Christmas Prince is about to become a trilogy and maybe a new holiday tradition. The big announcement was officially made on Twitter. The third film, which is set to come out around the holidays, will be titled A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.


The series begun in 2017 with A Christmas Prince and continued last year’s A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. The first one followed journalist Amber (Rose McIver), who after traveling to the fictional world of Aldovia, was mistaken as the new tutor.


So, Amber played along with the fake identity, hoping to uncover a story. Amber and The Prince (Ben Lamb) obviously fell in love and became engaged. The sequel revolved around them planning their wedding.


A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby will focus on the couple’s first child. In this instalment, Amber and Richard host royals from a different kingdom, and find themselves threatened by an ancient curse after a 600-year-old treaty disappears. Apparently, a baby on the way is not the only event in store for Amber and Richard.



The director of The Royal Wedding, John Schultz, will return to direct the third installment. The script comes from Nate Atkins, who wrote The Royal Wedding and co-wrote A Christmas Prince alongside Karen Schaler.


Check out the trailers of A Christmas Prince and the sequel The Royal Wedding in case you missed them.





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