Netflix Cancels ‘Iron Fist’ After Two Seasons | TV News


One of the four shows that make up Netflix’s small-screen MCU is no more. The streaming giant has announced that they have cancelled Iron Fist after two seasons. In a statement, the company said:


“Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is proud of the series and grateful for all of the hard work from our incredible cast, crew, and showrunners. We’re thankful to the fans who have watched these two seasons, and for the partnership we’ve shared on this series. While the series on Netflix has ended, the immortal Iron Fist will live on”.


That final line is interesting as it could point to the Iron Fist character remaining active within the Defenders universe, as Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are still going, with the third season of Daredevil set to premiere on Netflix this Friday. Characters have previously hopped between shows so it isn’t out of the question that Finn Jones‘ Iron Fist pops up somewhere.


But as for the show itself, from the start it always felt like the black sheep of this mini-MCU family. The Iron Fist character never seemed to capture the attention of fans the way the other three heroes did, and although Netflix doesn’t release viewing numbers, it always felt like the show was lagging behind the others. This cancellation is hardly a huge surprise.


What’s also interesting is that the second season of the show ended on a huge cliffhanger that will now not be resolved. Or will it? With Disney setting up their own streaming service and owning the rights to the MCU (and developing shows based on characters like Scarlet Witch and Loki), it’s possible they see this is an opportunity to snag some subscribers from Netflix and give Iron Fist a third season.


Like the average joe, they wouldn’t know the viewing numbers so it would be hard to gauge if that was a good business idea or not. And it’s probably unlikely. But it’s something to ponder as the streaming wars begin to heat up and companies begin battling for subscribers.



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