Netflix Confirms Cast For ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Miniseries Prequel | TV News


Rumours have been afloat recently about a Wet Hot American Summer Netflix miniseries prequel reboot of the film, but finally we have a trailer! The 2001 comedy-turned-cult-classic about the last day of summer at a camp in 1981 was celeb-studded and possibly launched some crazy careers for people we adore and admire (Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd and Judah Friedlander among others).


Netflix, who has recently become famous for their own original series available exclusively through the service such as Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and the fourth season of Arrested Development, announced a reboot of the classic comedy in the form of an 8-episode miniseries prequel – “prequel” in that the minseries is set on the first day of summer where the movie is set on the last – set to premiere this summer.


Apart from the returnees from the original movie, word on the street is we’ll have a few appearances from some newcomers such as Jon Hamm who will play a spy, Kristin Wiig who will play a counselor at a rival camp, Jason Schwartzman playing the boy’s camp head counselor, and Chris Pine, only described as being “mysterious”. The countdown to summer begins now. Here’s the teaser trailer below.



Source: Deadline



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