Netflix Orders ‘Locke & Key’ Series After Hulu Passes | TV News

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Netflix Orders ‘Locke & Key’ Series After Hulu Passes | TV News


It’s taken approximately ten years and a bevy of writers, but an adaptation of beloved comic Locke & Key is finally coming to the small screen. Netflix has given the show a straight-to-series order, but it has come under unusual circumstances. Unusual because a pilot had already been produced for streaming rival Hulu, but they decided to pass on the series.


Insiders say that Hulu’s new chief content officer Joel Stillerman and senior VP Craig Erwich wanted to pick up the show for a series, but new Hulu CEO Randy Freer decided to pass. Netflix jumped at the chance to snatch it up, and will retain showrunner Carlton Cuse and Joe Hill, who created the original graphic novel.


What this means is that the pilot developed for Hulu will be totally scrapped and recast. This is somewhat surprising considering the pilot was directed by Andy Muschietti (IT), but he is unable to return for the Netflix version due to his IT: Chapter 2 commitments. He and sister Barbara Muschietti will still be credited as executive producers, though.


Locke & Key revolves around the Locke family and their journey into a New England mansion called the Keyhouse, which contains fantastic doors that transform anyone who dares walk through them, and also houses a hate-filled and relentless creature who will not rest until it forces open the most terrible door of them all.


This is great news for fans of the comic, who have long been teased an adaptation, only for potentially exciting projects to fall through. Dimension Films purchased the rights back in 2008, but nothing came of it. Then a Fox series was in development in 2010, and was even given a series order and a pilot was produced, before that also fell through.


There was also another failed film adaptation in 2014 at Universal. Before today, it was fair to wonder if any Locke & Key adaptation was somehow cursed, but Netflix have come to the rescue. They will be happy to add more comic book content to their existing shows, as well as upcoming projects such as the adaptation of The Umbrella Academy and the new version of Sabrina The Teenage Witch.


So, Locke & Key fans can finally get excited about an adaptation about their favourite comic without the threat of a network or studio pulling the plug. Netflix, with their seemingly infinite funds, will no doubt be excited to get another built-in audience flocking to their service once the show eventually debuts.



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