Netflix Picks Up Jack Black Comedy Film ‘The Polka King’ | Film News

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Netflix Picks Up Jack Black Comedy Film ‘The Polka King’ | Film News


Netflix have picked up the rights to Jack Black comedy The Polka King, prospecting to release the film later this year. The Polka King had mixed reviews at the Sundance Film Festival this January, but many complimented Jack Black‘s weird and wonderful performance of in the lead.


The Polka King is based on the Joshua Brown and John Mikulak documentary, The Man Who Would be Polka King, which tells the true story of “Jan Lewan, a colourful Polish émigré-turned-“Polka King of Pennsylvania”-turned-convicted Ponzi-scheme felon“.


The outrageous nature of Jan Lewan only promises a flamboyantly bold performance from Jack Black, just as he has showcased in School of Rock and animation series Kung Fu Panda.


Both directed and written by Maya Forbes and Wally Wolodarsky, the film also stars Jason Schwartzman and Saturday Night Live‘s Jenny Slate and Vanessa Bayer.


With Netflix now focused on only producing quality content, it’s easy to imagine that this is yet another of Jack Black‘s masterpieces and something that will be watched across thousands of devices. Until then.



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