Netflix Releases New Trailer For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 | TV News


15 months after the release of the first teaser for the fourth season of the phenomenon series Stranger Things, Netflix has unveiled a new video trailer full of mystery.


This tailer reveals the laboratory in which the character played by Millie Bobby Brown lived for many years with Dr Martin Brenner. It seems that she is locked in a room, which is numbered 11, without the heroine of the series being visible in this clip.


This clip also shows us that Eleven is not the only child to have been experimented on, as other children, with shaved heads like her, play in this laboratory. Is this a flashback, or will the characters be forced to go back in time? After all, Netflix did promise in a video teaser announcing season 4 that “we’re not in Hawkins anymore“.


The first trailer released in February 2020 announced big news too. It showed Hooper, who appeared to die at the end of season three in the final confrontation with the Mind Flayer, somewhere in Russia.


Last November, other information was also revealed with the announcement of eight new cast members such as Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones), Jamie Campbell Bower (Twilight), Mason Dye (Teen Wolf) and Robert Englund, legendary Freddy Krueger.


If no date is clearly displayed in the trailer, a sequence of numbers appears in the Twitter bio of the official Stranger Things account as well as in the description of the video on Youtube: 002/004, but also on the series’ Instagram account.


Could it be that this sequel is announcing the date, February 4, 2022? These numbers could also be the numbers of the children we could see in this season. To be continued.


You can watch the trailer just below.




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