Netflix Renews ‘Black Mirror’ For Fifth Season | TV News

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Netflix Renews ‘Black Mirror’ For Fifth Season | TV News


Black Mirror has certainly grown from its origins as a relatively small series on the UK’s Channel 4 to now being one of Netflix’s biggest worldwide hits. To illustrate that growth, the streaming giant today announced that they’ve renewed the dark anthology series for a fifth season.


There’s no word yet on the number of episodes, or any real details, just that creator/writer Charlie Brooker will be returning, as will Annabel Jones as executive producer. Black Mirror‘s twitter page posted this teaser in conjunction with the announcement:



The show’s fourth season saw an upswing in bigger names, bringing in Jodie Foster to direct an episode, while Bryce Dallas Howard and Jesse Plemons each starred in their own dystopian tale. The series has been highly praised and though Netflix doesn’t release viewing numbers, they have hinted (without specifics) that the show is one of the most watched of their Netflix Originals.


There will likely be more details in the near future. Until then, we can savour the fact that we’ll soon be getting more tales of nefarious technology and dystopian futures to consume on our addictive devices that we’ve given all our personal information to.



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