Netflix Unveils New Trailer For ‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 | TV Trailer


Black Mirror makes its significant return after the groundbreaking ‘Bandersnatch’ season on Netflix in December 2018. The streaming platform has unveiled a new trailer of season 5 which will only feature three episodes.


The trailer doesn’t reveal too much but definitely teases the new season. As we can see, the DNA of the show is still there, such as the problem of dealing with new technologies and the impact they have on us. We’re impatient to see what the showrunner, Charlie Brooker and his team, are cooking for the new season.


One of the episodes seems to centre around a home assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa but more frightening and menacing. We also have some sneak peeks for other events, for instance, an episode is about the online dating world, and how we operate in an ultra-connected world such as virtual reality, with high-tech devices the more appealing and present in our life. One of the episodes centres around a hostage-taker that is resentful against the high-tech and smartphone culture of the last decade.


For season 5, some A-list stars are set to star in the show such as Andrew Scott, who we discovered in Sherlock as Jim Moriarty – he also played the villain in the James Bond film Spectre. More recently, we see him on Fleabag.


Anthony Mackie, who reprised his role as Falcon in the last Avengers: Endgame, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, seen in Aquaman, and even popstar Miley Cyrus – we don’t know if her role is a cameo or she’ll play the leading character – are set to star.


Save the date for June 5 for Black Mirror season 5. Now, you can watch the new trailer down below.



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