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The upcoming Netflix series El Baile De Los 41, or in English Dance Of The 41, is scheduled for release in May, but the trailer is already available.


El Baile De Los 41 is an original Mexican Netflix series written by Monika Revilla and directed by David Pablos.


It is a drama series based on the scandal of the ball of the forty-one that took place at the beginning of the 19th century that shook the Mexican high society.


In November 1901, a police raid was carried out in a private house in Mexico City, where several high society men were seen cross-dressing. The press broke the scandal because the men included the son-in-law of the president of Mexico and other important men. This scandal marked the first time that homosexuality was discussed in the Mexican media.


Netflix presented its trailer exclusively to Variety magazine. In the trailer, we will see the Mexican president trying to cover up the scandal and save the appearance of his son-in-law. The trailer also revealed some of the scenes shot in the Casa Rivas Mercado mansion, which is one of the few remaining mansions of that era in Mexico.


Director David Pablos said of the series, “It was important for me to make this film as LGBTQ representation has scarcely changed in the Mexican media and even in film and TV; there’s still a lot of discrimination, a lot of ridicule”.


The series, which is very committed to fighting patriarchy and homophobia, will be available on Netflix from May 12, watch the trailer below:




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