Netflix Unveils Trailer For Spanish Hit TV Series ‘La Casa Del Papel’ Part 3 | TV Trailer


Netflix have unveiled the trailer for the forthcoming third instalment of the Spanish language thriller La Casa Del Papel aka Money Heist. Judging by the trailer, in part 3 of the thriller TV series, the group reunite to save Rio, a young hacker who helped with the original heist from part 1.


Part 3 seems to pick up with Tokyo, who appears to be living on an isolated island with her boyfriend Rio, but when the troops invade the island, Rio is taken as a hostage and tortured by his captors. The trailer shows Tokyo reuniting with The Professor in Thailand, where they hatch a plan to rescue Rio from the hostile Spanish forces. “We have to get the team together“, says The Professor, with the clock ticking.


From then on, the La Casa de Papel part 3 trailer turns into an Ocean’s Eleven type movie of the original heist-mates preparing for their mission. Of course, there are quite a few surprises in the new trailer, the largest being the shocking return of Berlin, who was shot dead in the part 2 finale. What’s his plan? So many questions…


The main cast return including Ursula Corbero, Alvaro Morte, Miguel Herran, Itziar Ituño, Jaime Lorente, Alba Flores and Pedro Alonso as Berlin. La Casa de Papel returns to Netflix for its third instalment on Friday, July 19. Watch the Part 3 trailer below.




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