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NEVERMEN – Mr Mistake | New Music



Faith No More’s Mike Patton, Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio, and rapper Doseone have created a recording group under the alias of Nevermen. Their self-titled album is due for release on January 29 via Patton’s Ipecac Recordings. They have previously shared their track “Tough Towns” and now they have shared their latest track “Mr. Mistake” which you can Listen to below.


Talking to pitchfork, Doeseone spoke about how the group decided to work together


“Mike and I met through Southern Distribution, which was our distributor, a while ago in the United Kingdom. I would go there and steal all his records before I met him. They’d be like, “Hey Dose, you want any records?” And I would steal all the Kranky albums and all the Mike Patton shit. Eventually, they somehow mentioned Themselves, and then he got in touch with Jel to work on Peeping Tom. This is a dog’s age ago now, a really long time ago. We met and just completely hit it off right away.


Then a good friend of mine in Baton Rouge, a promoter at this really great club the Spanish Moon, had TV On The Radio there. My friend just connected us. Tunde and I talked once and were, like, grade school friends. It was pretty fucking uncanny: same comics, same everything. Too much in common, from the age bracket on out. The dots connected themselves beyond that”




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