New ‘Better Call Saul’ Poster And Teaser Unveiled | TV News


With Breaking Bad still fresh in everybody’s memories, it’s difficult to imagine its spin-off, Better Call Saul is ready for audiences in less than two months. Still, that’s where we’re at and AMC has just released a new poster image and an exceptionally brief teaser for the upcoming series. Described as “85% drama and 15% comedy” by creator Paul Gould and executive producer Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad‘s creator), it seems as if the new spin-off has developed into something pretty difference from it’s initial idea.


Rather than being its original half-hour comedy slot, the show will consist of one hour episodes, jam-packed with tension and humour. With Breaking Bad being so successful, it will be interesting to see what Better Call Saul will turn out like, we’re hoping for some stellar television but the jury’s out for now. Check out the new teaser and see what you guys think. Starring charming Bob Odenkirk as our favorite dodgy lawyer, Better Call Saul’s two-night series premiere airs on February 8.




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