New ‘Birdman’ Poster Unveiled | Film News


When Birdman was first announced, I immediately thought one thing; “this is going to be some kind of gimmicky “Kick-Ass” type deal, which incorporates the idea of the everyday socially inept man becoming a ‘superhero’”. However, when I read the plot (the story of a washed up actor famous for playing a super hero who tries to stage a play in order to regain his former glory) along with discovering the cast, I was pleasantly surprised.


What made this my most anticipated movie of 2014/2015 on the other hand was simple; Amores Perros and 21 Grams director, Alejandro Gonzales Innaritu would be directing. This film was not just going to be amazing, it was going to be a work of art. So when a new poster for the movie was released earlier this week, it understandably added to the hype. You can see the poster, and watch the trailer below. Birdman will be hitting UK theatres on January 2, 2015.





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