New Cannibal Ox Album ‘Blade Of The Ronin’ Out On March 3 | Music News

Cannibal Ox’s 3 track sneak preview into their new album has me excited for their new record coming out early next month.


Underground hip hop duo Cannibal Ox are back and gearing up to release their new studio album Blade Of The Ronin with its anticipated release date of March 3. It will be their newest full length record since their 2013 compilation album Gotham/ Given that I was a big fan of their 2001 debut The Cold Vein, and that there were some pretty strong tracks on Gotham, I’m pretty excited for this new project, especially given the three singles – “Blade: The Art of Ox”, “Harlem Knights” and “Iron Rose” – that have been put out prior to the release of this record.


These tracks feature some artists I happen to be a big fan of including MF Doom, Wu Tang Clan’s U God and Black Milk – who it seems will be handling a lot of the production on this project alongside Bill Cosmiq. The beats on these songs are pretty well crafted yet stripped down enough to allow for Cannibal Ox members Vast Aire and Vordul Mega as well as their features, to steal the spotlight and spit some tight verses. These tracks are definitely worth a listen, and hopefully so will the entire album when it comes out early next month, pre-order it here.



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