New Chynna Song ‘Burnout’ Released To Commemorate Chynna Day | Music News


Chynna Rogers was a Philadelphia rapper and DJ who passed away last April at the age of 25.


By the age of 19, she released a couple of singles “Selfie” and “Glen Coco” which were followed by her debut EP I’m Not Here and her final EP In Case I Die First was released in 2019. Her last track “Stupkid” was released posthumously on her 26th birthday August 19, 2020.


Chynna struggled with addiction throughout her career. Her mentor Yams died in 2015 due to accidental drug overdose and after a period of sobriety, her mother, Wendy Payne also died in 2017. She also died of an accidental drug overdose in Philadelphia in 2020.


Chynna described the addiction caused by the pressures of the music industry: “I felt that I hadn’t gone through enough terrible stuff to deserve to have this as a career. I didn’t feel like I deserved to be making a living off talking about my life yet because I just couldn’t relate to enough people“, she shared in a conversation with Pitchfork in 2018.


A new song titled “Burnout” has been released on April 8, marking the one year anniversary of her death also being referred to as Chynna Day. The day has been organized to celebrate the late rapper’s life and it will feature a rally at John V.Lindsay East River Park in New York.


You can listen to “Burnout” by the late Chynna down below:




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