New ‘Corrie’ Boss Says Jobs Are Safe… For Now | TV News

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New ‘Corrie’ Boss Says Jobs Are Safe… For Now | TV News

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It’s sometimes easy to forget that soap actors, like anyone else, probably have to have appraisals and fear of getting ‘the push’ like we all do, from time to time. Well, those actors currently appearing on Coronation Street can breathe a sigh of relief, as new show boss Katy Oates has confirmed that she will not be doing a mass firing session when she starts her contract in April.


Oates currently presides over Emmerdale, and will be replacing outgoing Corrie head honcho Stuart Blackburn. But although all major characters are safe – for now – Oates acknowledges that she has “to be creative” if she’s to keep the soap at the top of the ratings.


One way that she’s keen to express her creativity is by axing celebrity cameos, meaning that appearances from the likes of Paddy McGuiness and Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding will be a thing of the past. Instead, Oates is looking to cast new and unknown talent on the show.



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