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The newly recorded song from David Bowie “Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)” will be played for the first time this Sunday (October 12) on Guy Garvey’s (Elbow) BBC 6 Music show. The track is taken from the upcoming best of and rarities album Nothing Has Changed which will be released on November 17. Bowie’s new album release follows the Mercury Award nominated 2013 album The Next Day which was his first release since the 2003 album Reality.


The new album will include the classic tracks “Ziggy Stardust” and “Heroes” amongst others, whilst previously unreleased track “Let Me Sleep Beside You” will also feature. Bowie’s record label, Columbia Records, have confirmed that the new track was recorded in New York during the summer months of this year. Although we will have to wait until Sunday to hear the new track, Bowie has been teasing his fans over the past few days by separately releasing four parts of the new song’s lyrics here.


Part one of the lyrics:

Sue, I got the job

We’ll buy the house

You’ll need to rest

But now we’ll make it


Part two:

Sue, the clinic called

The X-ray’s fine

I bought you home

I just said home


Part three:

Sue, you said you wanted writ

“Sue the virgin” on your stone

For your grave


Part four:

Why too dark to speak the words?

For I know that you have a son

Oh, folly, Sue

Ride the train I’m far from home

In a season of crime none need atone

I kissed your face




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