New ‘Jessica Jones’ Teaser Introduces David Tennant’s Purple Man | TV Trailer



Over the past few months Netflix has released a series of short teasers for its upcoming Marvel collaboration, Jessica Jones. Each short is set at a different time of the day (possibly even a single day) in Hell’s Kitchen, the locus of the show. The first teaser showed Jessica, played by Krysten Ritter, retaliating to her blaring alarm clock, despite the time showing 3pm.


The second saw the eponymous private investigator cooly walking through the detritus of a bar fight, possibly of her own making. This latest trailer introduces the manipulative villain of the series, Kilgrave aka The Purple Man, played by David Tennant. Kilgrave is responsible for a great trauma in Jessica’s life; the series will see him return to further complicate Mz. Jones’ already complicated life.


Without giving too much away, Tennant’s villain will not be a physically challenging adversary; his psychological menacings are teased here as the Purple Man’s face appears amongst Jessica’s collage of evidence. However, speaking to Entertaining Tonight, producer Jeph Loeb compared Kilgrave to Daredevil’s Wilson Fisk, noting that when you watch the series: “you’re uncomfortable because you’re not quite rooting for Matt, you’re kind of rooting for Wilson, and it’s the same kind of thing you’re going to find in Jessica. There’s going to be moments where some of the things that she does is pretty questionable. And some of the things that, when you learn about Kilgrave’s character and the way that David Tennant plays that character, it’s really extraordinary”.


Tennant spent years portraying the ethically vague time-traveller Doctor Who; if anyone could make us empathise with this egotistical villain, it would be him. All thirteen episodes of Jessica Jones will be available on Netflix from November 20. Check out the trailer below, thanks to




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