New ‘Jetsons’ Movie In The Works With Warner Bros | Film News


Animated family The Jetsons has been on our screens since the late sixties, with a movie made back in the 1990’s and many have since wanted to make another one. Well now it seems a new Jetsons movie is on the way as Warner Brothers have hired Matt Lieberman to get started on a screenplay. Deadline broke the news that Warner Brother has claimed the rights to the movie, making the project a priority. While still a priority, the film will take at least 4-5 years to make and with the LEGO movies in the wings also, I doubt we’ll be seeing The Jetsons movie anytime soon. Despite its nostalgia presence giving pleasure to its fans, I’m not sure how successful a Jetsons movie will be in a couple of year but for now, we’ll have to wait and see!



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