New Order – Restless | Music Video


New Order, kings of ’80s synth-pop and breathtaking visuals, have revealed the music video for “Restless”. It begins with gentle, lullaby-like sounds, and we soon see men trying to release a sword from a stone. The legend of Excalibur. It is an interesting mix of medieval and present-day practices, ranging from fast food at the banquet table to a rave in the cave. The tone is reminiscent of that found at a Skins party, and it has a romantic story-line complete with betrayal, fist-fights, and riding into the distance.


The video will appeal to dance-music lovers, even though the song doesn’t feature an abundance of electro, and the rock crowd will appreciate the dominant sound. “Restless” is taken from New Order’s upcoming album – Music Complete – which will be available from the 25th of September. Watch the video below.




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