New ‘Pandemic’ Trailer Lets You Experience A Zombie Apocalypse In First Person | Film News



Pandemic takes the zombie movie genre to a whole new level by putting the viewer right into the action with its unique first person point of view. However, the trailer does feel a bit like it’s for a live-action first person shooter game rather than a movie; to the point that even the characters are advising you to “Just try to think of it as a game”.


Set in the near future, Pandemic focuses on Los Angeles during a planet wide virus outbreak. As the uninfected outnumber the infected and without a cure, humanity begins to lose it grip on survival. It falls to a doctor, Lauren, and her team to enter the chaotic city to hunt for and rescue uninfected survivors while documenting their journey on cameras for future research purposes.


Directed by John Suits and produced by himself, Gabriel Cowan, Michael Tadross Jr., the film stars Rachel Nichols as Lauren, Missi Pyle as Denise, Alfie Allen as Wheeler, Mekhi Phifer as Gunner and Paul Guilfoyle as Doctor Greer.


Pandemic hits cinemas April 1, 2016.






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