New ‘Patti Cake$’ Trailer Shows Ups And Downs Of Being Unconventional | Film Trailer


Empire Magazine have released an exclusive new trailer for drama film Patti Cake$. The trailer isn’t as optimistic as the first made public, and instead shows the harsh realities of being a plus sized, white female with dreams in the rap industry. Unconventional relationships are made and criticism abundant, but Patti remains positive in fighting for her dream.


Patti Cake$ premiered in January at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, and was commended for its charm. It is the film debut for director Geremy Jasper, whose experience stems from shorts and music videos including Florence + the Machine‘s ‘Dog Days Are Over‘.


Danielle Macdonald makes her breakout feature film appearance as lead, Patti. Originally from Australia, some speculate that Macdonald could mirror the rise to fame in America that Rebel Wilson has enjoyed over the last decade. Macdonald received a standing ovation when she entered the stage at Sundance.


Patti Cake$ will be released to the public later this year. Treat yourself to some Cake below.




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