New Photos Released For ‘The Choice’, But Really, Who Cares? | Film News

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New Photos Released For ‘The Choice’, But Really, Who Cares? | Film News



New beach photos from Nicholas Sparks‘ novel-come-movie The Choice have been released exclusively to The movie, which is the 11th of Sparks’ novels to be made into film (not the 8th as ComingSoon reports), revolves around two characters unlikely to fall for each other and yet they do. So, your standard Nicholas Sparks romance. Yes, it’s a tired plot line, but apparently enough of us are watching these that they keep getting made, but each time not to the same success as The Notebook.


I’ll be honest, by the look of the trailer, I can’t watch this film. If I wanted to watch The Notebook, I’m not going to watch The Best of Me. If I wanted to watch A Walk To Remember, I’m not going to watch Dear John. And if I wanted to watch Safe Haven, I’m not going to watch The Lucky One. And I’m sure there’s an argument that each of these is subtly different to the former, but frankly, no they’re not. We get the point. And yet, they keep getting made.


Kudos to Nicholas Sparks, though. There’s a good chance the production companies will probably keep going until the success of The Notebook is replicated. And clearly the actors involved think this is at least possible. Despite choosing relative unknowns to take the lead roles, Benjamin Walker (Travis) and Teresa Palmer (Gabby), the better known actors are actually supporting, suggesting they believe in the picture (or that their careers are waning).


Maggie Grace, of Lost and Taken fame, plays main guy Travis’ sister who seems to offer nothing but the melodramatic observation that “[he’s] in trouble” (soundbite repeated twice in the trailer); Alexandria Daddario, known for the Percy Jackson series, plays Monica, an unknown role as yet; Tom Wilkinson, a British veteran actor, plays Dr Shep, who probably cares for Gabby whilst she’s in hospital; and finally, Tom Welling, formerly and famously Clark Kent in The CW’s Smallville, as the probably-lovely-but-ultimately-screwed-over-boyfriend.


This seems like an odd role to return to the screen for since his last job with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner in Draft Day (2014), but hey, his involvement is probably the only reason I would see this movie. They may have released new photos, but check out the beach photos for all the other Nicholas Sparks’ movies set partly at the beach, and you’ll see they didn’t release anything we haven’t seen before.




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