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Richard Linklater has become one of the most important filmmakers of modern independent cinema, and through 21 years of critical acclai, a new documentary sets out to celebrate his captivating career thus far. Co-directed by Michael Dunaway and Tara Wood, 21 Years: Richard Linklater takes a look at the director’s iconic visual style and presence in American pop culture. Gravitas Ventures has unveiled a new poster for the film this week, featuring some of Linklater’s collaborators that have been exclusively interviewed for the documentary, such as Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Keanu Reeves and Jack Black.


Linklater first made his mark on independent film back in 1991, after his debut comedy-drama Slacker was critically acclaimed. Gaining a substantial cult following, the filmmaker went on to direct coming-of-age comedy >Dazed and Confused, a film which brought Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey to stardom. Many of you will probably recognize Linklater from mainstream titles such as, School of Rock, starring Jack Black, and the rotoscope animation A Scanner Darkly, starring Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr. and Winona Ryder.


21 Years: Richard Linklater is sure to entice all indie lovers and Linklater fanatics. His influence on independent film is undeniable and for all of you out there who are yet to see a Linklater film, make sure you check out his newest feature Boyhood starring Patricia Arquette, Ellar Coltrane, Lorelei Linklater and Ethan Hawke. Filmed intermittently over an eleven year period, Boyhood is a spectacle of modern cinema that examines the growth from childhood to adulthood. 21 Years: Linklater will be released on November 7 to selected cinemas and VOD, check out the new poster below!




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