New ‘Road Through Kurdistan’ Exhibition In London To Display Rescued Art Of Kurdistan | Arts


A new exhibition titled Road Through Kurdistan is to open at the P21 Gallery in London this week. The gallery has chosen to dedicate its space to tell the story of an eclectic group of international artists, who had to face a lot of challenges to protect their art from Isis and Saddam Hussein‘s regime. The artworks presented will describe the independent state of Kurdistan through its history, culture and identity.


The features showed will consist mainly of testimonies from the times of Saddam Hussein’s and Islamic State regimes. Among these, there are the books rescued by Father Najeeb Michaeel or diaries and drawings made by Rebwar Saed.


All of them report the consequences of the horrors of chemical warfare during the Anfal genocide of Saddam Hussein, in which tens of thousands of Kurds were killed. A part of the exhibition will also feature children’s weapons, exposed by Hemn Hamid.


The exhibition will mark the tenth anniversary of Gulan, a charity organization registered in the United Kingdom that promotes Kurdish culture. It also marks the 100th anniversary of post-World War I peace treaties signed by imperial powers that created actual borders between Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria, denying the Kurds as an independent state.


The exhibition will be open from October 3-26, get tickets and more information here.



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