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A brand new Spider-Man spinoff, set in Sony’s expanding Spider-Verse (not the animated one), is in the works. Surprisingly, Roberto Orci has been tapped to pen the screenplay. Why is it surprising? Because Orci wrote The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – a part of the forgotten Andrew Garfield-led duo of films – which basically killed that incarnation of the franchise and led to Marvel taking over.


So it seems surprising that Orci would get another crack even though the blame for that film doesn’t lay solely at his feet. Perhaps Sony have justified the idea by keeping Orci away from Spider-Man himself and instead letting him tackle a spinoff. Unfortunately there’s no indication on what character that spinoff will revolve around. So let’s speculate wildly!


We know the film will not take place in the MCU, so anyone connected to that is off the table. Sony-owned Spider-Man properties include Venom and Morbius – who already have/had movies – as well as Nightwatch, Silk, and Silver & Black. A Silver & Black movie was planned but dropped, and it seems unlikely they’d pick it up again so soon, so the best guess might be a Nightwatch or Silk movie.


Orci has other credits to his name far more impressive than The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He co-wrote Mission: Impossible III, the rebooted Star Trek and the first two Transformers films. He’s also had success on the smaller screen, writing episodes of Alias, Fringe, and Scorpion.


We’ll have to wait to learn which character Orci is tackling. With Venom 2 and Morbius both due out later this year, the Sony-verse is beginning to take shape, and it will be interesting to track how this cinematic universe develops adjacent to Peter Parker’s larger role in the MCU.



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