New ‘Suicide Squad’ On-Set Footage Confirms Batman Cameo | Film News


DC’s Suicide Squad is definitely one of next year’s most highly anticipated superhero flicks and as photos and videos from the set continue to pour in, anticipation is building especially following these latest snippets. The latest onset footage shows the bat-mobile chasing the Joker (Jared Leto) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) all but confirming Ben Affleck’s Batman’s presence in the film. Set photos of Afleck in costume surfaced in April but the presence of the bat mobile suggests we’re in for more than just a brief appearance.


Rumours of the caped crusader making an appearance in the film began back in January but fans have been speculating about a potential crossover since DC announced their expansive cinematic universe. And as if a potential Batman cameo wasn’t enough, actress Cara Delevingne (co-starring as Enchantress) has been talking the film up promising it’ll be “the best thing in the world“. “It’s f***ing insane!”, she gushes, “I’ve never been so excited to see a film!“. Suicide Squad is set to hit theatres in August of 2016.




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